Designed & Handcrafted

Hinkleberry The Hairy Hobbit and Binkle Bear with their Loot!

'Hinkleberry the Hairy Hobbit and Binkle Bear with their Loot!' 

Iam THRILLED to say they have won the Australasian Creative Design Awards, award of 'Most Innovative Design and Excellence in Workmanship'

This is a hands on judging competition where all the nominees are sent in to be judged by three independant judges!!

Iam VERY Proud to have won this Fabulous Award!

Hinkleberry is a 14 1/2 inch OOAK Hairy Hobbit made from a chocolate backed bright orange string mohair with stitched suede paw pads. He has a sculpted needle felt face which has been tightly felted then hand shaded.Hinkleberry has big green glass eyes from the UK and is 9 way jointed with wooden discs and lock nuts. He is stuffed with wool, poly and steel shot to give him the weight of a lovely little being!
Binkle, his scallywag friend is 6 1/2 inches and made from a beautiful hand dyed multi coloured mohair. His paws and inner ears are made from ultra suede and he has wonderful orange glass eyes from the UK. His nose is hand stitched then shaded to tone give him character. Binkle is 5 way jointed with hard board discs and cotterpins.
Hinkleberry and Binkle come with their two bags of bootie collected from all the pond folk at Lucinda's show!!!


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Hugs Linda :)