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'Lucinda' the Ostraigon Caberet Showgirl

Meet........ ' Lucinda'.....

My Ostraigon Caberet Showgirl!

Read Her Story Below!

Lucinda is a OOAK Fantasy Creation made from the depth of my imagination and sense of fun!!

She is made from a gorgeous Ultra Long (8cm) Creamy Caramel Schultes Mohair with a dark chocolate backing, her legs, feet and arm portions are made from a beautiful patterned leather and her foot pads are a velvety chocolate suede. Lucinda has a fully sculpted needle felt face which I have hand shaded in skin tones and then added her 'make-up' of course...a showgirl is not a showgirl without her make-up!!!  She has gorgeous large green glass eyes with lovely long lashes to compliment her showgirl make-up. Lucinda has a hand sewn showgirl tail which is on a moving locline armature, the fabric used as the base fabric is called, eye lash fabric, how wonderfully appropriate!!! Her arms, legs, hands, feet and neck are fully armatured with locline ( fingers and toes all move in a realistic manner). Lucinda's head through to her tail has been built with locline with two, what you may call, double neck joints  on the way . Her showgirl tail moves in and out or up and down, and her head can  be posed in many different directions. Lucinda wears a handmade facinator/hat, a deep purple velvet cape, a black velvet choker, black kid leather gloves with bows on and she holds a plastic champagne glass and a cigarette holder....just waiting for the right gentleman 'ostraigon' to come along!!

Due to many moving parts, 'Lucinda' is what I would describe as an installation piece, she is a 'sit' piece and does not stand, but can be posed in many wonderful ways!!

Lucinda is approx. 46 inches from head to heel and approx. 23 inches from top of head to bottom, or top of head to seat of chair!



LUCINDA'S STORY!   ( Click on the characters names to see their page)

Lucinda is rare and could become extinct if we don't look after the fresh water ponds which she travels the world to find, to perform for all the wonderful pond and forest dwelling creatures that live in them!

Little did you know that once the sun goes down and the night air drifts in through the trees, the pond people come to life and the show begins!!!

All the residents gather amongst the blue and white agapanthus underneath the huge Magnolias , 100 year old Oaks and Paperbark trees. Hinkleberry the Hairy Hobbit and Binkle Bear stand at the hollow log entrance tricking everyone into giving them a gold nugget to pass by onto the banks of the pond, their eyes shining with glee!  Then as the darkness falls, the Rainbow Butterflies, flitter down and settle on the petals of the big white water lilly flowers that float on top of the pond, and the glow from the moonlight lights up their rainbow coloured wings and makes them sparkle. The water on the pond freezes and makes a stage, waiting for the performance to begin. The crowd suddenly goes quiet as they sense the arrival of the beautiful Princess, Princess Pietta, Night Princess of the Lilly Pond. She gently makes her way down to the waters edge and smiles her beautiful smile to all her followers, then sits on a hollow log that is floating slowly around the edge of the pond and her big green eyes light up with excitment asFringo the Forest Dweller hushes everyone into silence and brings out the first performer of the night, Marcel the Magichimp!!!!!! His tricks have the followers stunned and sighs of amazement echo around the pond when he turns himself into a whirlwind of glittering fairy dust that explodes up and out into the night sky! Not a sound could be heard.....then suddenly carnival music fills the air and spinning, tripping and tumbling down the pond bank comes the famous forest clowns....Frankie and Sir Percival!!!!!!!!!

Mean while, out under the branches of the ancient pines, Lucinda powders her face with her pet Powderpuff Possum and flicks her tail so that all the eyelashes on it twinkle.....now she is ready to sway through the icy green grass to the Lilly Pond where she can hear the hum of the Rainbow Butterflies wings and the joyous giggling of the Pond Folk and Forest Dwellers as they watch the amazing magic tricks performed by Marcel and the hillarious antics of Frankie and Sir Percival the forest dwelling clowns and then wait in anticipation for her to appear.............................a thousand frogs are singing and then as Lucinda appears, a falling star lights up the pond...................to be continued.........!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Dreams